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Our Holistic Approach

APEX Wellness Center in Dallas, TX: Your Holistic Chiropractor

patient getting holistic treatment in Dallas, TX

At APEX Wellness Center, our doctors take a holistic approach when it comes to healing from sports injuries, slip and falls and spinal medical conditions. In addition to spinal adjustments, they integrate multi-treatment therapeutic modalities to enhance pain relief and recovery.

Depending on your condition, a treatment plan may include massage therapy, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, corrective exercises or hot/cold therapy. Each treatment modality works synergistically for the best outcome.

APEX Wellness Center also develops an individualized treatment plan to target specific patient needs. Patients receive a treatment plan that is created just for them.

The spine is a complex network of discs, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. When one of the spinal components is out of place or injured, pain can result. For example, a herniated disc can place compress the sciatic nerve and cause radiating pain down the leg. Through gentle, manual adjustments, our chiropractors realign the spinal components to proper position.

Spinal adjustments help reduce pain and improve range of motion. They are highly effective for many conditions, including protruding disc, whiplash, headaches and arthritis.

Massage therapy is the ideal complementary treatment to spinal manipulations. It relaxes the muscles and prepares the body to accept the adjustment. Plus, it increases circulation to the affected area for faster healing, reduces muscle spasms and boosts the body’s immune system. Massage therapy is effective for a wide variety of conditions like soft tissue injuries and whiplash.

At APEX Wellness Center, patients can learn corrective exercises to build muscle strength, increase function and prevent further injury. We give patients specific corrective exercises targeted to their condition. These exercises can also be done at home to speed recovery. Patients can also take advantage of our nutritional counseling to learn all about vitamins, natural supplements and healthy food choices to accelerate healing and maintain good health.

If acupuncture is appropriate for your condition, our doctors will recommend it. With acupuncture, tiny, hair-thin needles are inserted along the meridian points of the body. It helps break up any clog that is impeding the body’s system flow. Many of our patients experience pain relief after several treatments of acupuncture.

Dr. Erin Stark Calaway: A Multi-Faceted Treatment Approach

Dr. Erin Stark Calaway is committed to individual and family wellness. She performs a comprehensive exam to identify the underlying cause of your pain, including physical, neurological and postural tests. She takes a full medical history and carefully listens to your symptoms. Once an accurate diagnosis is reached, she creates a multi-faceted treatment plan that is designed to focus on the diagnosis.

If you’re suffering in pain, turn to Dr. Erin Stark Calaway at APEX Wellness Center for an effective treatment plan. Call us today at 972-392-9402 for a one-one-one consultation. Health and wellness begin at APEX Wellness Center.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have nothing but wonderful things to say about APEX Wellness Center, and from what i gather, everyone else who sees them loves them too. Not just likes but LOVES them."
    Peter Dallas, TX

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