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Radiculopathies and Neuropathies

APEX Wellness Center: Radiculopathies and Neuropathies

Nerve damage is one of the most common reasons why people seek the help of a medical professional. When someone is dealing with nerve damage, he or she might suffer from shooting pains that travel down the arms and legs. In other cases, people might complain of numbness or tingling, something that the medical world terms paresthesia. Some people simply have a burning pain that bothers them every minute of every day. Regardless, these symptoms can be due to nerve damage resulting from something called radiculopathy or neuropathy. Radiculopathies and neuropathies can be incredibly painful and can seriously inhibit someone's quality of life. Those who are living in the Dallas area should trust the professionals at APEX Wellness Center to treat this type of pain.

Where Does Nerve Damage Come From?

Some people might be wondering where these symptoms come from in the first place. Nerves travel all over the body. They run from the brain down into the spine and then branch out. Damage to these nerves anywhere along their path can lead to symptoms. If the nerve damage is farther out towards the end of the nerve, this is termed a neuropathy. On the other hand, if this damage occurs where the nerve exits the spine, this is called a radiculopathy. Regardless of where the damage takes place, serious symptoms can start to manifest. It is important for everyone to know how to treat this type of pain.

The Options: Radiculopathies and Neuropathies Treatment

There are those out there who assume that nerve damage means that someone is headed to surgery. Fortunately, there are alternatives to surgical treatment for nerve damage. Chiropractic care can be incredibly effective for those who are suffering from this type of pain. One of the treatments that a trained chiropractor has at his or her disposal is something called cold laser therapy. By focusing this cold laser on the location of the nerve damage, many of the symptoms can be treated. This can help someone improve his or her quality of life without having to go to the operating room.

Rely on the Trained Chiropractors at APEX Wellness Center

Those who are suffering from nerve damage from neuropathies or radiculopathies do not need to deal with these symptoms forever. Anyone living in the Dallas area who would like help dealing with these symptoms should visit the team at APEX Wellness Center. We have been serving the citizens of the Dallas area from the first day we opened our doors. Please call us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment with our team!


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