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Exercise and Your Health

The Many Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise

Your body is designed to move and exert itself, whether you use it that way or not. Here at APEX Wellness Center, we frequently recommend physical exercise routines based on kinesiology testing and other evaluations. Let's take a look at some of the ways regular exercise enhances your health.

Weight control - Obesity has become an epidemic due to a combination of poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. If you don't burn calories, you will accumulate fat. Since obesity has been associated with hypertension, diabetes, organ failure, and even a higher cancer risk, keeping your weight under control should be a priority. Exercising at least three days a week will help you run yourmetabolism at a higher level so you can burn calories.

Strength and flexibility - A strong, flexible body is less prone to accidents, injuries and illnesses. Exercise improves your body's tolerance for both work and play. Stronger, more flexible muscles lend support to your spine, promoting good posture.

Feeling better - Pain is often associated with inactivity. Careful exercises can keep your joints limber and relieve some of the symptoms of arthritis and other chronic joint disorders. Exercises also improves and stablizes mood.

How to Maintain Your Routine

Of course it is one thing to resolve to work out at least three days a week, and another thing altogether to obey that resolution. Exercise plans often lend themselves to this kind of disappointment due to time constraints and physical or psychological obtacles. Here are some strategies you can employ to help yourself stick to an exercise routine:

Work toward an exciting goal. Can you think of a fantastic new wardrobe you'd like to be able to fit into, or a sporting event you've always dreaming of participating in? Are there spectacular sites you wish you had the stamina or mobility to visit? Build these dreams into goals, and let them excite you into action on those days you'd rather stay in bed. Just make sure those goals seem attainable enough to get your motivated.

Go slow. If you throw yourself into a demanding exercise program right away, you'll not only experience pain and exhaustion, but you might even injure yourself. If you've been sedentary for a long time, start by walking short distances, or for a few minutes, five days a week. From there, gradually increase the daily time and distance. This will build up your strength and flexilibity, improve your circulation, and get you back in the workout mentality. You can apply a similarly careful approach to any other low-impact exercise, such as yoga or calisthenics.

Schedule for success. If you schedule your exercise during times when distractions are likely to pull you away from it, you can't maintain your routine. Choose times when you arent likely to be disturbed. If that means getting up earlier, make sure you get to bed earlier as well, so you can get the sleep your body needs.


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