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Bursitis and Chiropractic Treatment

Bursitis is an inflammation in the bursa (a fluid-filled sac) that is located between a tendon and the skin, or sometimes, between the bone and a tendon. It is a painful condition that can make it difficult to move a joint, or to put it through its full range of motion. It can also be an acute or chronic condition. It may be caused by an irritation or injury to the affected area, or sometimes by other health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or gout. When you develop bursitis, you will want to get it treated immediately because it causes a lot of pain. Man at Apex Wellness Center in Dallas, TX  

The bursa is important to joint movement. It reduces the friction between moving parts in joints. When it is inflamed, that movement becomes excruciating, because the bursa can't do its job properly anymore. Not only does the bursa hurt, but the area around it does, too, because there is no friction reduction as there is when the bursa is healthy.

While bursitis may be located around virtually any joint, the most common places for it to occur are the shoulder, elbow, knee, the feet, and hip. The good news is that bursitis can be treated successfully by chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic uses no drugs or surgery, just all natural methods of reducing and eliminating the inflammation and giving you the range of motion and pain relief you deserve. This is how it does it.

How Our Dallas Chiropractors Treat Bursitis

If you have anything like poor posture, misaligned vertebrae, tense muscles, or abnormally shaped feet, these things can contribute to the ongoing irritation of the bursa. Our Dallas chiropractors manipulate your spine and joints using their hands to put them back in the proper positions and relieve the irritations. Once the cause of the irritation is removed, your body can begin to heal itself and give you permanent, blissful relief from the bursitis. The more adjustments you get, the stronger your body becomes, and more able to heal itself. All of this can be done with manipulations, and no drugs or surgery are necessary. It is a kinder, gentler way of healing, and our chiropractors are experts at doing it.

Sometimes, depending on the unique individual and the actual cause of the bursitis, some different therapies can be combined with the manipulations to get the best results. Chiropractors can do all of these complementary therapies in their office, and will determine what you need at your initial consultation and follow-up appointments.

Some complementary therapies that can be used by chiropractors to relieve bursitis include:

  • Massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Stretching
  • Physical therapy
  • Taping of the joint for therapeutic purposes
  • Orthotics to correct the shape of your feet while you're standing or walking
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Electrical stimulation, which is common for pain relief in sports medicine
  • Nutritional advice to help you lose weight so affected joints don't bear the weight and become irritated because of it

If you have bursitis in any of your joints, you need to make an appointment to see one of our chiropractors. We serve the Carrollton, Richardson, and Addison areas, in addition to Dallas, TX.

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