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Healthy Diet Tips

Eating the right foods for your body can improve your energy levels, help you sleep better at night and ensure you have a healthy immune system. Here at APEX Wellness Center, we can help you modify your diet to lose weight and feel better.

Importance of a Eating Healthy

Everyone knows the importance of eating healthy, but due to busy schedules and hectic lives, most of us find ourselves preparing freezer meals and driving through the drive threw in order to eat and get through the day. Packing fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks and lean meat sandwiches in the morning can help you avoid the temptation to eat fast, high calorie, high fat food and improve your overall health.

Eating a healthy diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, leans meat and healthy fats can help you lose excess weight, improve your energy levels and mental awareness and help you avoid diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, and it can help you avoid certain cancers.

Maintaining a Proper Diet

Bad eating habits can be hard to break, which makes maintaining a proper diet extremely difficult. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances for success. When you shop, ensure they you have plenty of ready to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Apples, oranges and berries simply need to be washed and/or peeled before eaten. Oatmeal and other whole grain hot cereals can be purchased in single serve, microwavable packages. Just make sure to read the ingredient’s list for sugar and artificial ingredients before buying.

Lunches can be packed the night before and taken to work in a cooler with an ice-pack. Dinners can also be prepped the night before in a baking dish and stuck in the oven after you get home from work. This allows you to unwind while dinner cooks itself. Additionally, evening meals can be put into a crock pot in the morning on the low setting and left to simmer all day.

It is important to remember that eating healthy and maintaining a proper diet is not about changing your diet so dramatically that you get bored with it or find it too difficult. It is about making small changes and sticking with those changes. For example, if you eat high fat hamburger, switch to a lower fat beef. Trade coffee and pastries in the morning to coffee, eggs and toast. Poached eggs only take a few minutes to make, and scrambled eggs can be microwaved in a bowl. Instead of eating candy bars and cookies for midday snacks, try a banana and a handful of nuts.

It is also important to understand that you will have unhealthy meals and unhealthy days. After a slip-up, simply go back to eating your new healthy diet.

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