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Pregnancy Chiropractic

Pregnancy Chiropractic Services at APEX Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas

Here at APEX Wellness Center, our chiropractors are proud to offer dedicated pregnancy chiropractic care to women in the Dallas, Addison, Carrollton, and Richardson areas who want to relieve pain and enjoy a better overall pregnancy and labor. If you're pregnant, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with our team of experienced chiropractors in addition to your regular doctor's appointments.

When a woman becomes pregnant, there are so many drastic changes that happen to the body. For starters, the average woman gains around 35 pounds over the course of her pregnancy; that alone can cause excessive muscle strain on the body. And when combined with a changing center of gravity as the baby grows and develops, it is not surprising that so many pregnant women experience back pain, hip pain, and other discomfort during those nine months.

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Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care for the Surrounding Communities of Dallas, Addison, Carrollton, and Richardson, TX

With skilled prenatal chiropractic care, however, many of the health problems and ailments that women experience during pregnancy can be treated and managed without the use of drugs or invasive procedures. Instead, chiropractic care allows for the natural treatment of not just your symptoms, but their source as well.

Specifically, chiropractic care can help to reduce back pain, neck pain, and other joint point often associated with the weight gain and shifting center of gravity that occurs within the body during a pregnancy. In addition to pain reduction, other benefits of pregnancy chiropractic services our patients have included:

  • restoration of optimal pelvic alignment
  • better positioning of the baby in the birth canal at time of labor
  • prevention of potential cesarean deliveries
  • reduction in delivery/labor time
  • healthier overall pregnancy and faster post-natal recovery
  • reduction in morning sickness and nausea
  • management of back, neck, hip, leg and other joint pain

In some cases, chiropractic care during pregnancy has even been found to help reduce the need for potential cesarean section deliveries, which come with their own inherent risks.

Methods and Techniques Offered from Our Dallas, TX Chiropractors

Here at APEX Wellness Center in Dallas, our chiropractors offer a wide variety of chiropractic techniques and methods that are highly effective for pregnant women. One of the most common techniques we provide to pregnant women is that of spinal adjustments, which are great for improving the overall alignment of the back and thus relieving back, neck, and other joint pain. For women who want to avoid the need for medications to manage their pain during pregnancy, this is truly a great and natural option.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we also specialize in the Webster Technique here in our Dallas, TX office. This specific technique is ideal for pregnant women and involves placing the patient in a comfortable position (usually beginning face down and later moving to face up). From there, the chiropractor uses gentle pressure from the hands to adjust the ligaments, which can help to relieve pain and improve overall mobility.

All of the chiropractic methods our chiropractors offer to pregnant women in our office are completely safe for a baby in utero and for mothers alike. We also have a variety of special equipment in our Dallas office, such as larger adjustment tables to more comfortably accommodate growing bellies. Often times, our chiropractors can also prescribe some at-home exercises to help continue treatment and manage pain throughout pregnancy.

Ready to Request an Appointment for the Whole Family?

If you're pregnant and want to ensure the best possible experience for both you and baby, why not call APEX Wellness Center to schedule your appointment today? You can reach our team at 972-392-9402 to find out more about our practice or to request your appointment. We proudly serve the areas of Dallas, Addison, Carrollton, and Richardson—and look forward to serving you throughout your pregnancy and beyond as well!


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